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Noteworthy Artists That Aren’t Regularly Available To Our Gallery

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Noteworthy Artists That Aren’t Regularly Available To Our Gallery

Down To Earth Art Gallery has or have had original paintings by a truly impressive list of artists. This list is outside of the artists that we exhibited regularly or periodically over our 22 years. Sometimes it has only been one painting by a particular artist, other times we have been fortunate enough to have multiple pieces by the same artist. All are very collectible, most come to us from people downsizing their lives, or clients simply changing up their private collections. We always require good provenance with any artwork so our customers can be confident with their purchases. The list is always changing on our Noteworthy section of our website, so check it out often. If you are looking for a particular artist’s work, let us know, we’ll keep an eye out there for you. The paintings don’t always make it to our website, sometimes they are spoken for as soon as we get them.

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October Lake in Morning by Paul Rodrik

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Oil on Board 24 x 14 inches, 30 x 20 outside of frame.

PRICE $ 750.00

6 month lease to own $137.50/mo

Paul Rodrik (1915-1983)

Paul adopted a grandparent’s surname to avoid direct identification with his famous father, Franz Johnston, one of the founding members of the Group of Seven.
Trained by his father, Franz Johnston, as well as Fred Haines, Frank Carmichael, Charles Goldhammer and others, he explored several of the multitudes of 20th Century art movements, as much in his personal behavior and lifestyle as in his art, while always returning to painting the Canadian landscape in its many moods and marvels.
With superb technical ability, Paul captured and interpreted the challenges of wind, water and wandering lighting through his powerful landscape compositions. Paul was also the complete artist, as was his father, in putting a great deal of energy and creativity into self-promotion to market his works.
In 1940, after finishing his art studies at the Ontario College of Art and Central Technical School in Toronto, Paul Johnston had his first solo exhibition. In 1943 he entered the RCAF as staff artist at the War College. After the war, the highly energetic young artist, changing his name to Paul Rodrik, adopted a lifestyle mixed with a Dali-esque taste.
An avid farmer, Rodrik worked the land on his Owen Sound farm when he wasn't painting. A deeply reflective and philosophical man, his love of nature was reflected in his paintings. He experimented with a variety of styles, including a period of surrealism, but he tended to return to painting Canadian scenery. His best known pieces feature powerful landscape compositions, focusing on wind, water and light, executed with impressive technical ability. After selling the farm in the 1980s, Rodrik and his wife moved to Vermont and then to Bancroft.

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Some names of Noteworthy Artists not regularly available to our gallery that we have or have had.


  • Norval Morrisseau 1932-2007 (Creator of the Woodland style of art)
  • Franz Johnston 1888 -1949 (original member of the Group of Seven)
  • Arthur Lismer 1885-1969 (Original Member of The Group of Seven)
  • A.J. Casson 1898-1992 (Became a member of The Group of Seven in 1926)
  • J. W. Beatty 1869-1941 ( Significant figure in Canadian art history, taught A.Y. Jackson)
  • Maud Lewis 1903-1970 (Folk Artist)
  • Everett Lewis 1893-1979 (Maud’s husband)
  • Joe Norris (Folk Artist)
  • Charlie Norris (Brother to Joe)
  • William Winter
  • Joseph Purcell
  • Tom Forrestall
  • William DeGarthe
  • Anthony Law
  • John Cook
  • Trudy Doyle
  • Charles Beauregarde
  • Charles Hannaford
  • Al Chaddock
  • Steven Rhude
  • Fred Trask
  • Duke Redbird
  • Heather Lawson (Stonemason)
  • Peter Rankin
  • Leon Dolice
  • James G. Tyler, 1855-1931
  • Arthur Lloy, 1929-1986
  • Frederick Arthur Verner, 1836-1928


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Noteworthy Artists That Aren’t Regularly Available To Our Gallery
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