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Katie Melanson

Katie sees objects, landscapes and faces as powerful storytellers. When composing a painting, whether still life, landscape, or portrait, her hope is to inspire viewers to stop, look and reflect.

The Mysterious Rider

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Original oil on board painting measuring 43 x 22 inches, 48 x 27 outside of frame.

Artist Statement

Recognition of the tireless work ethic and values of the hardworking West and its enduring impact was the inspiration for this painting. “The Mysterious Rider” is the title of a book by Zane Grey. When reading reviews of this book, I came across this excerpt. It spoke to me and I knew this title was right.

“All human beings have a significant affect on each person to whom they associate. The importance of the Rider's role in this novel is ultimately how he relates to each character and influences their destiny in his brief time with them. To me, this was the strongest message in this enduring Western tale.”

Many of the items in the still life are actually those of “mysterious riders”― sourced from Arizona. The concept is an enduring and powerful one which is important to me as well. In our own ways we all are mysterious riders, influencing and/or being influenced by others.

This style of painting is known as tenebrism. It is a style that uses strong contrasts of light and dark, where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the composition. It is similar to using a spotlight to add drama and create this sense of objects becoming “lost and found” in the shadows.

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About Katie Melanson

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Katie resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with her husband and two young children. Katie is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University with a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics, a graduate of the Academy of Realist Art (ARA), a private institution teaching drawing and painting in the old master tradition and studied icon writing at the St Vladimir Institute.

Named one of the top 21 emerging artists under the age of 31 by Southwest Art Magazine in September 2011, her published piece “Everlasting Moments” caught the interest of American art collectors and galleries, creating several commission opportunities. She has been a finalist in the prestigious Art Renewal Center’s International Salon competition for multiple works in the still life category. Her artwork graces the cover of the New Margaree Handbook, a guide to the salmon pools in Margaree, Cape Breton; a place near and dear to her heart and where she loves to fish. She has exhibited at the Dalhousie Art Gallery in Halifax Nova Scotia, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick and many of her pieces have toured with various exhibitions in Atlantic Canada. She was also featured in the documentary film, Searching for Realism. For the past few years, she has focused primarily on a Mother and Child collection of portraits. Currently represented by Down To Earth Art Gallery, Katie is developing a body of work which includes the genres of landscape, still life and portraiture.  

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