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Some of our Noteworthy Artists That Aren’t Regularly Available To Our Gallery:

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Bonnie Brugger

Rocking Water Glass – Fused Glass art created on Cape Breton. Bonnie trained as a graphic artist but found and followed her passion in glass fusing to become a master of this medium.

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“Faire na h’Oidhche – Eilean Donan” (Night Watch – Island of Donan)

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Size: 30x20
Medium: Limited Edition of 50 Canvas Giclees

This depiction of the historic Eileen Donan Castle in Loch Duich; with the Five Sisters of Kintail mountains in the background, has a strategic advantage for it converges with Loch Long and Loch Alsh to the south of Skye. This was home to St. Donnan in the seventh century. The structure was badly damaged numerous times over the centuries and was given by Robert The Bruce to the clan MacKenzie who in turn gave it to the MacRaes, who were the foot soldiers of It was destroyed on May 10, 1719, by the English during a Jacobite uprising and lay in ruins for over 200 years. Restoration to the castle began in the early 1900’s, including the use of Douglas Fir timbers, donated by the MacRae clan on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. The property is owned by the Conchra Charitable Trust, under the control of the MacRaes. The grounds and portions of the castle are open to public. Mr. Wright visited the area in the early 1990’s and it was an image he felt compelled to capture on canvas. He states that the style he used in this painting is considered “magic realism”.

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She draws much inspiration from the ocean view just outside her studio on the rugged shores of Cape Breton. She translates the joy that she feels there into her fabulous glass creations.

Down To Earth Art Gallery - Glass ArtThese, one of a kind, pieces have a wonderful sense of colour and her graphic design background makes exploration and design of geometric shapes an even more dramatic look in her distinctive works.

Bonnie has been juried into numerous exhibits and has displayed in Butchard Gardens (Victoria, B.C.), the Skooke Fine Art Show and has been purchased and enjoyed by people around the world.

As a long- time instructor for creating fused glass she has truly enjoyed introducing new glass artists to this wonderful medium.

Glass fusing has been in existence since around 2000 BC and once cut and laid out, each piece is then typically fired at high temperatures that takes place over a 24 to 36-hour schedule to achieve their final individual unique appearance.

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