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The Hector Arriving In Pictou Harbour


The Hector Arriving In Pictou Harbour 00060

The Ship Hector was a Dutch “Flute” originally built in Holland early in the 18th century, as a masted ship of 200 tons berthen. She has an overall length of 110 feet, was 22 feet wide, and 11 feet 6 inches deep. Although unremarkable for a ship of its day, the Hector took on considerable historic significance insofar as it related to the Scottish emigration to Nova Scotia and North America. Under the command of John Spiers, the Hector left Loch Broom, Rosshire, Scotland in July of 1773, bound for Pictou, Nova Scotia, with a cargo of 200 Highland Scots. After a very difficult voyage of some 12 weeks, finally on September 15, 1773, the Hector dropped anchor in the harbour opposite what is now the Town of Pictou. 187 passengers survived the trip to take up the formidable challenge of carving a home out of this new wilderness. The arrival of the Hector passengers marked the beginning of the wave of thousands of Scottish emigrants who followed and established Pictou, Nova Scotia as the “Birthplace of New Scotland”. Today, the Ship Hector is the focus of the on going efforts of the Pictou Waterfront Development Corporation to revitalize the waterfront in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The Ship Hector presently bring reconstructed on the Hector Heritage Quay will serve as a living tribute to the vessel which brought the first Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia and mark its significant place in our history. Each print is hand signed by J. Franklin Wright

$65 Cdn In stock
Size:22x15 inches
Medium:Edition Size: 300


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