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List of Noteworthy Artists Not Regularly Available To Our Gallery That We Have or Have Had.

Pierre Nadeau

Strongly inspired by the “Group of Seven” Pierre has been painting for more than 40 years. He’s been featured in galleries across the country starting in 1986.

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About Pierre Nadeau

I have painted for more than forty years. My oils in fauve colors and the contrasting forms I present to you, deliver the wild beauty of a rich and intact nature. I am strongly inspired by the work of the “Group of Seven” and particularly by Tom Thompson. My varied interpretations of nature come from my deeply personal involvement with it. 


I am constantly fascinated by the luminosity and the shadows of the landscaped, which I try to transpose on canvas with rigor and assurance. The subjects I choose are rendered to you in an impressionistic style. My interpretation of mood, movement and forms is always evident in my works. In each of my paintings, you are constantly reminded of my trusted accomplice, The Light.


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Noteworthy Artists Not Regularly Available To Our Gallery
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Pierre Nadeau
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